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Trekking Grades in Nepal

As we offer wide ranges of Nepal treks you can choose either Teahouse Style (lodge trekking) or Camping Trek (Fully organized trekking). Regarding all the trekking itineraries included in this section have fully tried and tested and found to be suitable for all age groups but trekking itineraries are designed and classified according to their difficulty and duration of holiday in Nepal. We have planned trekking days carefully so that we have time to stand and stare as well as acclimatize to the high altitudes. I hope this grading provides a way for you to compare different treks to find a rout to suite your fitness level in Nepal trip. I have categorized all my treks in the following ranks.

Easy,Easy plus
These are the easiest of our Himalayan treks, but still involve walking up and down hills, though on well-defines trails and with trekking days that rarely exceed 5 to 6 hours, or more than 10 kilometers per day. Altitudes will not exceed more than 3,000 meters. All easy programmes involve a maximum of one week’s camping.

Moderate-Moderate plus
Trekking may involve walking up to 7 hours, occasionally more on moderate plus’, traveling between 8 to 9 kilometers, over hilly terrain, on well-defined trails. Altitude will exceed 3,000m and sometimes reach over 5,000m. These trips involve camping/lodge stays of up to two weeks.

Physical preparation is essential as you will be walking up to 8 hours per day, sometimes on small tracks. Altitudes will often exceed 4,000 meters, with some days spent trekking above 5,000 meters. These trips involve camping for up to three weeks and sometimes longer.

These are challenging treks which include basic mountaineering above the snow line, using ice axe, crampons and ropes, under supervision and instruction from the trek leader. These trips require a high level of psychological and physical stamina. Prior trekking experience is certainly an advantage, though not essential.